‘I m in love with food’


Anjali Ramaswamy
Chef Consultant | Television Chef | Culinary Reality Show Food Head | Food Stylist

Our family loves Food. We are the typical ‘Foodies’ that people may call.

We would indulge in the best of food even in the worst of times. Once in a year Dad would take us to the best hotel in the city and we would enjoy luxury food. I guess that is when the love for food began.

My mom is a fantastic Baker. She would get me involved in the baking, and I would join her just because I would get to lick the spatula at the end of the cake mixing .Coming from a Tamil Brahman family, everyone expected me to do either engineering or medicine. Attended almost all the entrance exams for Engineering. I cleared quite a few . But it was my mother who realized that it was not my cup of tea. So she introduced me to Hotel Management, and I guess I pounced at the opportunity.

Again being a pure vegetarian for about 18 years, getting into the culinary field was not that easy. In fact the first time we were taught to dissect a chicken, I fainted. ( Embarrassing – yes. but that is how I first met my now husband. )

Anjali RamaswamyBut in the kitchen, with food ,was my happiest time. So I began working for Taj Hotels in New Delhi and worked for the best restaurant in the city called Orient Express. But there is something about me that my family and friends know very well. I get bored very soon and will have to do something new and something different. So post working in the hotel industry for about 4 years I had to do something else. That is when I started my own restaurants. Run them for a year each and then shut the shop. I had the experience of my life running these restaurants.

That is when food and media got together to help me out. I began Styling food for restaurants and major food chains like Pizza Hut, Barista, Costa Coffee, Haldirams and many more. But the big change came when I was offered to handle the entire food team for Master Chef India Season 3 and juniors. That was hell of a riot. And the best part was that I could travel a lot. After food the only other thing I am crazy about is travelling. Though that too is all about food. I travel for food. I really hope someday, someone will help me to make a show that is about travel and food and people who love food.

The other most important thing that happened in the Master Chef journey is that I met my Mentor. Chef Vikas Khanna. I believe that he changed my entire outlook and he is one man that I will never want to let down in my career.

I came for Dhe Chef again only to handle the show. Plan the tasks and handle the back end but I was offered to be one of the Chef Judges. But I think it was the best thing that ever happened to me. The exposure, the opportunity to meet such wonderful Chefs like Chef Jose, Chef Damu, Chef Ajeeth, Chef Ramu Butler and Chef Dony and many more was like a dream. And the best part was being in the company of Chef Pradeep and Chef Amrit. The opportunity to be in Kerala and to experience the hospitality of Kerala was mind boggling. From live Crab shopping in the beachside to the Toddy shop food hunt, everything was an experience to remember. I made such wonderful friends there in Kerala who I hope to hold on for the rest of my life.
I believe in simple and regional cooking. I believe in regional cooking. I believe in leaving a very low carbon footprint. Basically I believe in local food. The ingredients that are easily available in your area or are grown near your home is what is good for you. Hence I urge for all of us to go as local as possible. Eat Local food.

I am crazy about all kinds of food but Italian Food and desserts are my weakness.


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