Is Low Fat Milk Good for You?


The general concept of consuming three glasses of low fat milk is hailed by many nutritionists to help you with bone health. But recent studies have proved it wrong. According to David Ludwig low fat milk is associated with obesity ,diabetes and inflammatory related pain in humans. David Ludwig in his published research points out that any sort of sugary drinks are bad for health.   And because of sugar’s negative effects on our health, even the United States Department of Agriculture, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other organizations are recommending against consuming calories from sugary drinks.  The idea of consuming low-fat milk or chocolate milk cancels out the whole reasoning for the recommendation in the first place since the fats are simply being replaced with dangerous sugars. The problem of calcium deficiency can be overcome with the consumption of leafy vegetables , sardines, beans and cooked kale.

On the contrary full fat dairy products are proved to be good for health. It can even promote heart health ,control diabetes, aid in vitamin absorption, lower bowel cancer risk, and of course amazingly good for weight loss. But make sure that you go for organic dairy products.


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