BIG Biennale


Kochi Muziris Biennale
-By. Anna Priyanka

The biennale has helped in creating a great momentum in the state’s tourism industry as it acts as an open gate way between Kerala and the rest of the world through which art and culture freely moves in and out That is why the government ear marked Rs. 7.5 crore – the highest ever funding allotted to an art event by a state government in India for this edition of the biggest biennale in the country. The co-founder of Kochi biennale Mr. Riyas Komu said that one of the aims of the event will be to prove that what binds the people of different culture is stronger that what pulls them apart.
The third and the biggest edition of biennale has lots of new innovations to its credit .It is for the first time that the thought of ‘art from children’ came up and this year biennale introduces Students Biennale to the world. The Students biennale was inaugurated in the newly built Cabral yard pavilion on December 13th 2016.It consists of arts from different schools and different students of different age group. The CEO of Biennale, Manju Sara said that one of her biggest challenges was in admiring an art with the mind set of an organizer as well as a common man. “Being a CEO in a short notice for such a big event is really amazing but what gives me more energy is the response of the artist from world wide. In fact I was surprised to see that people from all parts of the world have an interest for art and the contemporary art is always accepted by people of every country ,beyond nationality, language, and culture. Apart from all the challenges and the problems that one normally faces when being in such a position , Kochi biennale has lot of fun and has lessons to learn too”.


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