Movember foundation gets a donation in memory of Superman Henry Cavill’s legendary mustache


Henry Cavill is the Superman of our era just like Christopher Reeve was the Man of Steel of the ‘70s. In Mission Impossible: Fallout we saw Cavill playing the villain to Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt.
Cavill spotted a mustache to play the villain in Fallout. The mustache became one of the highlights of the spy thriller only after the high voltage action scenes by Cruise.
However, the mustache became legendary soon after Cavill started falling in love with it. Cavill even found a nickname for the mustache: “KingStache”
The mustache became an obsession when Cavill refused to shave it off for the role of Superman during reshoots of DC’s Justice League movie.
The Justice League visual effects team was forced to digitally remove the mustache as Superman usually spots a clean-shaven look. The teams spent $25 million to remove the mustache.
Cavill eventually shaved off the mustache, which became big news in the media. He announced farewell to the “King Stache” through a video tribute on his Instagram account. “It’s hard to recognize me without King Stache,” said Cavill, “but I will remember him. Always,” Cavill wrote with the hashtag #ShavedButNotForgotten.
Now, Paramount Studio, who made the Fallout movie, has made a charity donation for the memory of Caville’s mustache. They made a donation in the name of the mustache to the Movember foundation that focuses on men’s health.Paramount announced the news through a twitter post with the hashtag #LongLiveTheMo.


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