Agazzi Backpack with Anti-Theft Fingerprint Lock


Agazzi’s revolutionary anti-theft fingerprint lock keeps your belongings safe at all times. A strong stainless steel retractable cable enables you to lock your backpack compartments (no more worries about theft) as well as allows you to secure the backpack to a fixed object, providing peace of mind in crowded places.

The Agazzi backpack features discretely integrated external lighting, so whether you are cycling or walking in the dark you will always be safe on the road. The backpack is a joy to carry; ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort.

A concealed “charge on the go” system ensures you will never run out of battery power and always stay connected and productive.
Over 15 dedicated pockets and two separate compartments protect and organise your belongings. Internal lighting illuminates the main compartment, enabling you to easily find your items in the dark.

The Agazzi backpack is designed for those who can appreciate quality. Built to last and made with durable water resistant materials and zips as well as all-custom metal accessories.

Handcrafted with accurate precision and backed by a lifetime guarantee.


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