Battery Drain in Android Phones Due to Google Assistant Bug

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Android phones are facing a new problem with the Google Assistant. It seems that if you are using the “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” phrase to open the Assistant on one device, it gets activated on a second device as well. The bug has affected Google Home and Google Pixel devices. The problem starts when one says “Ok, Google,” or “Hey, Google”. This not only awakens the Google Assistant on one device but also manages to activate it on a second device if one is nearby. The screens of the devices stay powered on indefinitely after hearing the phrase to activate the Google Assistant. Furthermore, the bug makes the Google Assistant remain active on the second device until powered off.

 The users were not best pleased after their phone’s battery depleted to 1 percent because the Google Assistant had remained powered on, hours after the wake-up phrase was used for a Google Home speaker. But the Google Assistant remaining powered on, not only causes serious battery drain, but it also has several security risks as it leaves the device unlocked. Google is yet to roll-out a fix for this.


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