Fruits and most vegetables are the only ‘gifts’ from nature that we can consume directly, so why not make the most of it? Blend!t offers a healthy range of delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies that will make you look fantastic, feel tremendous and have you bouncing off the walls with energy.
Bursting with luscious fruits and rich veggies, these drinks are filled with vitamins, fibre, minerals and anti-oxidants that will give you the perfect amount of nutrition you need through the day. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or simply love juice, Blend!t’s creations are so delicious that even the most hard core of meat lovers find them super tasty!
Blend!t promotes ‘health on the go’ to allow even the busiest of individuals to take care of their health with ease, and our concept of ‘Drink your salad,’ makes it very easy to consume all of the goodness of vegetables in a glass without the hassle of making a whole salad.
Blend!t also provides weekly & monthly subscription to help you adapt to a healthy lifestyle by customizing a special drinks package as per your requirement and to achieve your health needs. Blendit is the first of its kind and the very first one to supply Detox water in Kerala and detox subscription is for 7 days, in which customer gets different flavour and benefits every day.
The Floral Detox, which not only detoxify our bodies but also supply health and beauty benefits is made with various flowers like jasmine, rose, frangipani etc. Blend it has perfect solution for every kind of problems such as weight management, rectifying hormonal imbalance, low metabolism etc. Owner of Blend it, Nidhi S.Balla says

“We engage with our customers, keep them updated about the flavours of the day and inform about the health benefits of the detox water they are getting that day. My objective is to create awareness and tell people that healthy food range is not boring at all”.

Other than Detox, they also have health drinks like Wheatgrass shots, turmeric shots etc. ‘Blend Your Own’ & ‘Salad in Glass; concept also are the unique offerings in the state. They also have vibrant bowls, energy bars (pre & post work out) for people who work out and don’t have time to have a proper meal due to their busy schedules. Other than normal juices, smoothies, shakes and wide range of unique shakes and mock tails there are more than 100 concoctions. Pumpkin shake & Carrot Sin Shake are one of the best sellers here.


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