Brazilian brand Amaro creates Fashion from Women’s Genetic Data


AMARO, pioneer fashion brand in combining technology and creativity in Brazil, creates the first fashion collection ever developed from the mapping of women’s genetic data, an innovative format that values individual characteristics of different female profiles. In a scenario where traditional collections tend to follow a zeitgeist market, AMARO has challenged itself to create a trend of its own, raising the bar on personalization and celebrating its customer-centric mission that has revolutionized fashion.

This campaign, created by the media agency Soko, brought together technology and fashion, uniting the brand with geneticist Juliana Saquete, a biomedical scientist and molecular biology expert, and brought together a diverse team of women from various regions, bringing a Brazilianness touch to the collection.

“Fashion usually finds inspiration looking for information that is seen outside, in the world. This is the first time I see a brand interested in mapping data that comes from the inside to create relevant products”, says Juliana.

To work on the mapping, genetic materials were collected with saliva samples from 19 women and more than 700 thousand regions of their DNA were analyzed by the SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) method, which verified variations in genetic markers, estimating global ancestry for their profiles, showing bio geographic location percentages for each genetic material. In addition, information was mapped about the various ways to deal with stress, day or night preferences, math skills and impulsivity levels.


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