Bugatti’s Social Media Teaser Hints at New Model

Bugatti's Social Media Teaser Hints at New Model
Bugatti's Social Media Teaser Hints at New Model

Bugatti’s new social media teaser captioned “What if” has put auto lovers in an intriguing mode.  The car company’s latest teaser showing the x-shaped sharp tail light bars confirms that something new is on the way and knowing that Bugatti was planning a one-off hypercar, the suspense is even more.  The carmaker took to social media to share the latest teaser and has captioned it- “What if”? Now that it’s certainly an indication that it’s coming up with something like never before.

Now recently we also heard about the SSC Tuatara being the world’s fastest car at 532.93 kmph, From what we see in the teaser, the shape immediately reminds of the rear of the Chiron Pur Sport where the angular and upright wing and diffuser add to the overall sharpness. There have been rumours about Bugatti building a new Chiron Roadster  and the speculation continues.

The company has chosen to tease their new performance car on their Instagram account with over 13m followers and the new teaser has already gone viral on the social media platforms


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