CBSE Announces Storytelling Competition


CBSE announces storytelling competition for schools for the first time. Students at CBSE schools get a chance to give colourful imagination to a particular topic and write stories on innovative topics like ‘the gift of imagination’, ‘the flowers are calling’, ‘siblings quibbling’, and ‘jewels of the sky’.

Students from classes 3 to 12 from all CBSE-affiliated schools can participate in the competition. The competition will be held at school, regional, and national level. The board has issued detailed guidelines and topics for storytelling.

The students will be grouped in four categories – Primary (class 3 to 5), Middle (class 6 to 8), Secondary (class 9 to 10), and Senior Secondary (class 11 to 12).
Each school participating in the competition will have to select one winner in each category who will then represent their school at regional level. One winner in each category will be selected by the judges for each CBSE region. Regional level winners will then compete in the national round. The school-level storytelling competition will be held by schools between November 18 and November 23.
The topics assigned to each category vary from mathematics and science to literature. There’s one academic topic and one storytelling topic for each subject. According to the board’s letter the competition will promote creativity, thinking skills, analysis and evaluation skills, and will aid in developing communication skills.


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