Coffee Can Stimulate Your Brain Even If You Don’t Drink It


Coffee has a reputation of being one of the best and effective stimulators. A morning coffee can kill the hangover, energise us and help us prepare face the day’s challenges.

A cup of coffee on a lazy Monday morning can help you in countering the Monday blues thereby serving as the perfect Monday motivation you badly need. 

The study confirms that coffee has psychological effects besides physical effects. 

Now, a new study says you don’t actually need to drink coffee to prep up your brain. Even thinking about coffee can boost your brain power, says a study appeared in Medical News Today.


You just need to see anything that reminds you of coffee to get stimulated, says the study. For example, if you see a coffee mug, your brain may still get aroused.

The researchers exposed the participants of the study to objects related to coffee. And they found out that there was an association between coffee and arousal.

These coffee-related visual cues activated certain specific areas of their brain and made it alert, attentive and active.

It means just seeing coffee, yields the same results of drinking the beverage.

However, this effect is more prevalent in the western cultures. In the Eastern cultures, people are not dominated by the love for coffee. They are more of a ‘tea’ people.

Caffeine is a stimulator that can keep you awake for 4-6 hours. However, it has certain ill effects on the body.

Insomnia, shakiness, dizziness, headaches, abnormal heart rhythm are the results of too much caffeine intake. 


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