Communist Country of Cuba Cuts Newspaper Editions due to Paper Shortage


The communist country of Cuba which is already facing acute shortage in many of its basic goods. They face an acute shortage in paper. As a result the country is forced to cut on its publishing of newspapers. Cuba says a paper shortage is forcing it to cut back on pages and circulation at several state-run newspapers including the Communist Party daily Granma, highlighting the severity of the country’s cash crunch as scarcity of basic goods increases. The Communist government said that it was halving the edition size of some weeklies as well as Granma on certain days due to the lack of newsprint, which it imports. It will also no longer publish the Union of Young Communists’ newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, on Saturdays.

It was the first time Cuba had taken such a measure since the 1990s depression spawned by the fall of former ally the Soviet Union. It comes as Cubans are having to queue sometimes for hours for basics such as eggs and flour whenever they appear on store shelves. Cuba was already facing shortage of emergency items like medicine and the government is trying hard to put an end to the woos of the citizens.


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