Delhi Metro Becomes World’s First to Go Green


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DMRC) is world’s first to go green. The metro will be using renewable sources like solar energy for its operations. The DMRC has finally started receiving solar power from the Rewa Solar Power Project in Madhya Pradesh.

This eco friendly move is welcomed by all as Delhi is already one of the most polluted cities in the world.The move to a more environment friendly source of power would save potentially millions of tonnes of carbon waste in the coming years. Solar power will also be used for operational requirements of the DMRC. Currently, the DMRC is receiving 27 MW power from the Rewa Solar Project which helps run almost 60 per cent of its electrical needs.

The plan is to increase this supply to 99 MW and at that stage, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will go fully solar, from its power needs for not just lights and ACs but also for the running of its trains as well.
The decision to go green by Delhi metro should be introduced in other city metro also as burning of carbon-based fuels like petrol and diesel will cause severe damage to the environment, resulting in global warming that has already triggered climate change.

Taking care of global warming is everyone’s responsibility and it is one of the dangerous disasters which is to come in the future. So go solar and keep our earth cool.


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