Democrat Joe Biden is Now a Step Away from Winning

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The US Election 2020 appears to be inching closer to an outcome, with Democrat Joe Biden appeared to be a step away from winning the US presidential election as the latest count of votes from a handful of battleground states indicated that the re-election chances of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump are getting slim by the hour.

 The Associated Press and CNN are now reporting that Democrat candidate Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump in Georgia by 1,000 votes. The state has 16 electoral votes and if Biden wins this, he will cross the magic mark of 270 and thus have a foot inside the White House.

All eyes are currently on the state of Georgia where 99 percent votes for the 16 electoral votes have been counted. Donald Trump is still in the lead but Joe Biden has closed the gap down to 1,200 votes. Counting is currently stopped and will begin on Friday morning in the U.S

Biden is leading Trump in the overall Electoral College vote tally. But, things can change as the margins are narrowing in multiple battleground states. Yet, Trump has moved the court in three states over the ballot counting process. Voters were urged to vote early this time, especially through mail-in ballots, to avoid queues amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, over 101 million votes were cast and recorded even before Election Day. Voters had cast about 73.4 percent of the total votes counted in the 2016 presidential election, even before Election Day. But counting of mail ballots is more laborious and that is delaying the result.


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