Did you know Amazon Has a Warehouse Section?

Amazon Warehouse
Amazon Warehouse

Amazon offers a secret warehouse section which most of us didn’t know. It’s  a section of the site that offers discounts on some of the most sought-after items. These products are on sale because their condition is “like-new, open-box or pre-owned,” according to Amazon Warehouse’s FAQ page.

On Amazon.com, you can simply click the arrow next to the search function and scroll down to “Amazon Warehouse.” Then, you can look up and browse items, from any category, specifically from the Warehouse.

According to Amazon, all items are evaluated and graded using a 20-point quality process. The site uses labels like “Like New,” “Renewed,” “Good,” and “Acceptable” to give shoppers a quick understanding of the product’s condition, along with detailed comments unique to that item.

To be extra safe, make sure to only make your purchase when your item is labeled “Fulfilled by Amazon.” You can see this on the far right of the page, under the price.


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