Dine With Robots at Be@Kiwizo

Robots at Be@Kiwizo
Robots at Be@Kiwizo

Technology has taken a never before toll and now you can opt to dine with the food served by robots. Sounds great and exciting. Right? Be@Kiwizo is a unique venture of Malayalam cine actor Maniyanpilla Raju along with his partners at Kannur in Kerala. This is a first of its kind restaurant where robots will take charge as waiters who will serve as per your order. Be@Kiwizo is Kerala’s first restaurant where robots will take up the job of waiters and also to entertain you and your family while dining with some fine cuisines. Aleena, Helen and Jane, the unconventional waitresses’ will be serving the customers in the restaurant. These robots will attend to the table as per direction. They are equipped to offer the menu to customers and record their choice of food. After taking the order and taking it to the restaurant kitchen, the same robot will serve the food to the designated table.

The robots will be moving through a designated path in the restaurant. Not only that, the robots can even politely ask a person to move aside if anyone blocks its path while it moves around.

The robots are programmed to communicate with customers in English. Apart from the three robot waitresses, one more robot will be present to entertain the kids in the restaurant. This small robot will dance and sing with the kids and can also accompany them to the washroom by holding their hands.

About his ideas and plans behind this unique venture Maniyan Pillai Raju said families dine out to spend some quality time outside and it’s not just having food alone. He also felt that technology can play a major role when it comes to entertainment. So this idea made him think about a unique venture. The restaurant has a capacity to serve 100 guests at a time and also houses a mini cafe named Juice Box which serves juices and snacks. A traditional Kerala Bakery, run by 10 women named ‘Baking Mummy’ operated by 10 women is also opened with this restaurant.  The restaurant serve  Arabic, tandoor and Indian dishes.


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