‘Eshal’, ‘Cappuccino’ makers are back with the intriguing ‘Jewel’


By Sreejith Kamalanayanan

There is no dearth of short films in Malayalam. Every week, at least two new short films get released on YouTube or any other such platforms. 

Techies have been the one of strongest forces behind the recent short film movement in Kerala.

Among them, one group of techies stand out for consistently producing quality content that were a hit among the viewers mainly due to its ability to entertain the common people, especially the youth.

The team of techies known for hit short films ‘Cappuccino’ and ‘Eshal’ are back with a new thriller titled Jewel.

The makers claim that Jewel is an experimental work, an idea of fiction, dream and time. The theme is adapted from a famous novel.

The script is written by Nithin Nandakumar who handles the cinematography and editing as well. Nithin owns his style as a director of the movie. He is working with Infosys, Trivandrum.

The highlight of the movie is the signature song composed by Rakesh Kesavan (Xerox, Kochi) in classic western style. The song is penned by Minu Jacob which has been finely captured in the technically advanced ARRI Alexa XT Camera. 

The song has been choreographed by Tincee Hema with costumes designed by Aham Boutique -Trivandrum, Make-Up by Jaseena Kadavil and Production Designed by Sunil Vengola.

The dialogues of Jewel are written by Unnee Udayakumar, an Ex-infocion currently working in Australia.

The Sound Design is handled by Aashish Illickal(4 Frames, Chennai).

Sarin (Ex-Infosys) is playing the role of ‘Zane Abraham’. He is already into movies with couple of ongoing projects.

Minu Jacob, who works with the Infosys, plays the title role ‘Jewel’.

Jacob Chethimattom plays the role of ‘Jacob Daniel’ and Mahesh (Flipkart, Bangalore) plays role of ‘Samuel Patrick’. 

Other cast include Sonali Kamnani(EY), Sowmya Dolly (Infosys), Manu Madhavankutty (Spericorn), Anumod Sakar (Infosys), Shahul Akbar (Infosys).

The movie is produced by Midhun Hari (Ex-Infosys) and ‘Black Creationz’.

The shoot is currently in progress with main locations in Kochi and Trivandrum and is planned for August release.


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