Extra Marks for the Children in Karnataka if Parents Vote


Private schools in Karnataka have formed a strategy to make more participation in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The schools will now give one mark extra for each parent’s vote.

Election 2019 falls after a series of holidays and since the summer holidays are on many of the parents plan for vacation . This is the reason why private schools taken the initiative of making parents understand the importance of voting for a better tomorrow.

Speaking about this initiative, general secretary of Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka D Shashi Kumar said, “As every vote is important, each of us should cast our votes. However, as the elections will take place during summer vacation this time, many parents have trips planned. To encourage parents to vote we have announced two marks if both parents vote.”

Meanwhile, the association has informed all the member schools about the same and have asked that parents be informed of the initiative by sending an SMS or when they come to get their kids results. “This is one of the best ways we found to encourage parents to vote. Parents are emotional about their ward’s marks. So we are trying to make use of it,” explained Shashi Kumar.


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