HRD to Set SOPs for Digital Education


The Human Resource Department will soon issue guidelines to tackle the issues faced by students, teachers and parents during online classes. Ever since the online classes started many problems are faced by the students as some schools are making the children sit in front of the lap top with the same time table followed in schools. This long hours of continuous sitting has led to many health issues for the students and also parents with single lap top or smart phone and with more children are facing a tough time .

School Education Secretary Anita Karwal spoke about the guidelines on at the K12 virtual conference by Ashoka University, a conference discussing the future of schools in light of Covid-19 pandemic. “We are coming up with SOPs on digital education for schools,” Karwal said during her address.

Explaining the reason behind the guidelines, she said, “There has been an upsurge on digital education and also an uproar on the way some schools are doing it… Some schools have simply replicated the time table and the child is sitting in front of the device for seven to eight hours.”

She added that there were concerns from the parents that some households have just one device and it can’t be given to all the children for classes. All these concerns will be taken care of while formulating the guidelines. “The guidelines will be released only after the school safety guidelines,” Karwal added. There are no SOPs for digital learning in India. As a result of this, each school has been following its own pattern. While some schools are teaching their students through online platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, others are relying on WhatsApp. The SOP for digital education is, however, likely to set a standard format for schools to follow, as schools will work on a blended learning model in the coming days. Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online learning along with face-to-face classroom teaching. “Now there will be a lot of homeschooling, blended schooling, a bit of learning at homes and a bit in schools,” Karwal said during her address.


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