Is Drinking Warm Water Beneficial?


There is always a confusion among weight watchers whether to drink warm or cold water for better benefits. The answer for this is warm water is always better to keep your body to function in a proper way. According to ancient Ayurveda warm water keeps you in a better health than cold water. Drinking warm water first thing in the morning after you wake up and another glass just before you go to bed can have tremendous impact on our body conditions.

Many studies indicate that lack of water in the body give a rise to stress levels and lead to depression. Sipping on some warm water at the end of the day will maintain the water level of the body and keep mood spoilers under check.
Hot water increases the internal body temperature and produces sweat, which leads to better blood circulation and gets rid of toxins in the body. Our body is continually using and losing fluids by the process of sweating, urinating and bowel movement. Water replaces the lost water from our body to keep the essential systems of our body working, even during the night.
Hot water leads to better digestion. As our digestive system in the weakest during the night, drinking warm water before bed time helps in faster and smoother digestion. This will also help in weight loss.There is enough evidence proffered by nutritionists to support the fact that warm water is good for your health. So have a glass of warm water once you wake up and another glass once you go to bed. You can experience visible changes in your health.


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