Is Hindutva and Ram Temple BJP’s 2019 Election Agenda?

Amit Shah_Modi
Amit Shah_Modi

Is BJP  planning to bring in Hindutva and Ayodhya temple construction as their main 2019 election agenda, then no doubt it’s going to back fire. Now Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has paid a visit to Ayodhya and reassured the party’s plans. The BJP plans for another huge statue of Ram at Ayodhya. Of course on top of that the temple construction also. We have already seen a huge statue of Sardar Patel ‘s in Gujarat at the cost of INR 3,000 crore. Do we need all these unnecessary expenses especially in a developing  country like India. India is on the path of development. We need to concentrate more on the up liftment of the poor and not statues to make a split in the society. The coordinated noises about an ordinance to bypass the Supreme Court and create a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a clear indication that the BJP is back to Hindutva for 2019.

Prime Minister Modi always play soft game regarding any extreme Hindutva issues. But he knows how to play. He has engaged hardcore Yogi Adityanath to take the baton regarding Ram temple construction. Yogi mostly goes to election campaigns to reassure party’s Hindutva ideologies. And the party has to please their counterparts also.

Now the question is do India need statues after statues to boost tourism ? Especially when many states are struggling for financial aid to reconstruct themselves after natural calamities.


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