ISRO Launches EMISAT Satellite from Sriharikota


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched India’s EMISAT satellite from Sriharikota marking the 47th flight for ISRO’s third generation workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

EMISAT will help detect enemy radar and is also expected to serve as an early warning system. The new variant of the Indian rocket PSLV, EMISAT, carries electronic intelligence satellite. The launch will enable ISRO place the satellites and payloads in three different orbits, in a first. Also the EMISAT satellite will enable conducting an electromagnetic measurement.ISRO chairman K Sivan said, “PSLV-C45 is now marching towards the 485km orbit to do its function as an orbital platform for experiments. I want to thank the team members for making the mission a success.” “PSLV-C45 is a very imp milestone for ISRO. It’s not only going to launch our own satellite but also those from other nations. The uniqueness of this mission is, it’s going to place satellites in three different orbits. I hope it’ll be 100 per cent success as usual,” ISRO ex-chairman G Madhavan Nair said.


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