Kanthalloor, the fruit bowl of Kerala


By. SreejithKamalanayanan

Munnar is the typical haven for tourists who seek a getaway in Kerala. Munnar will cool your soul for sure but there are other places in the proximity that might offer a different kind of experience. Marayur and Kanthalloor are prime examples.

The last time I visited Kanthalloor I was awestruck by the beautiful hills. Standing atop the hills everyone can enjoy the beauty of the clear skies and wonder how close they are to the skies. This is a feeling shared by all those who visit hill stations but here it felt like something different and special.

One of the most important places you must visit while traveling to Munnar is Kanthalloor, where you can see many orchards that grow almost all types of fruits that you love, especially the plums.

Kanthalloor is a small village in Idukki district. It owes its fame among the tourists due to the proximity to Munnar. However, Kanthalloor welcomes the travelers with its beautiful landscape and the healthy climate. It is also known for the fruits and vegetable cultivation. Apples, oranges, strawberries, and gooseberries are not the typical fruits you might chance upon while visiting other parts of Kerala but these are grown in Kanthalloor.

Farmstays are one of the best ways to enjoy both stay and the fruits of Kanthalloor. By spending a few bucks for a ticket you can roam around the orchards and you can also book a stay in the cottage inside the orchard. I visited Thoppan’s farm stay but I didn’t opt for the stay there.

An employee at the farm acted as guide and introduced me to the various fruits and flowers grown there. Mango plum, blackberry, lychee, black sapote, jabuticaba were among the top fruits grown in the farm. I was tempted to pluck the fruits but we are not supposed to pluck them without permission.

There are many other orchards in Kanthalloor where you will be amazed by the variety of fruits. This place truly deserves to be called the fruit bowl of Kerala.

Patisserie Dam, Kulachivayal rocks, Keezhanthoor waterfalls and the cave temple of Sri Rama are other top attractions here. A visit to Kanthalloor must be on your bucket list if you are planning a Munnar trip, you won’t regret the decision.


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