Lockdown to be Extended to Fourth Phase with New Rules


Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed that the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown will be extended to a fourth phase with a totally different set of rules and regulations.

While addressing the nation Prime Minister Modi said “Corona is here to stay, experts say. But we cannot let our lives be controlled by corona. We will have to live with it. We will wear masks and maintain physical distancing but not give up on our dreams,”.

“Lockdown 4 will have totally different rules and will be based on suggestions by the states. The new measures will be announced by May 18. We will fight and move forward by following rules,” PM Modi said, as he also announced a Rs 20 lakh crore economic package.

On Monday, PM Modi told Chief Ministers of states in a video call the government would look at a “gradual withdrawal” of the lockdown, which has been repeatedly extended until May 17.

“We have a twofold challenge – to reduce the transmission rate of the disease, and to increase public activity gradually,” PM Modi said.

“Even as we look at the gradual withdrawal of the lockdown, we should constantly remember that till we do not find a vaccine or a solution, the biggest weapon with us to the fight the virus is social distancing.”

The Indian Railways resumed passenger services with 15 trains a day connecting Delhi to Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and other big cities.

Deaths from COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus, have reached 2,293 while the number of cases crossed 70,000, the Ministry of Health said. A fifth of India’s cases come from the densely populated cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Pune, which are also major centres of economic activity.
Prime Minister also announced a 2000000 crore economic package for the revival of economy.


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