Maradona has a Battalion of Claimants for his Wealth

Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona’s wealth may be a huge $40 million and includes a Rolls Royce, a £300,000 diamond ring but the list of claimants is more. The Argentinian footballer, who died last month had his lawyers acknowledged his paternity of five children – four in Argentina and one in Italy – all of whom have now lodged claims with the Buenos Aires courts.

But with the striker having left no will, at least six others who say they are his offspring have also come forward to claim their shares. Also hiring lawyers are at least three ex-lovers and four of his sisters – plus a vast amount of claimants with whom he had business dealings, including fellow players and managers who claim he owes them money.

Maradona’s former lawyer Mauricio Dalessandro, who worked with him for several years, said any paternity claims would require DNA evidence.


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