New Maggi Noodle Recipes from Nestlé During Stay at Home


Nestlé has introduced “Maggi – Cooking Made Simple” on its website under three categories– “made easy”, “made with a twist” and “made healthier”.

Nikhil Chand, director, foods & confectionery, Nestlé India, said “In trying times like these, with limited ingredients, meals made at home demand variety. The solutions available on will encourage consumers of all skill levels to approach everyday cooking with confidence and enthusiasm, discover new ideas and have access to expert tips and serve something delightful. For the first time, we will also provide a platform to several home chefs and make nearly 700 of their popular recipes available on our website. Feedback from consumers will help enrich this service. Through this service we hope to play a small part in helping people create memorable food moments every day.”

The recipes on the Maggi website have been curated to add variety and diversity to everyday meals, provide convenience to main meal planning and cooking while ensuring a proper balance of taste and nutrition.

Now you can go to the website and try delicious and tasty varieties of cooking tips to make your maggi noodles more tasty.


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