Aley’s Corner
Aley from Newyork

When you face with hard facts of life do you give up? Do you get stressed out and become negative? Let us read the story of the smart crow.

Once upon a time, there lived a crow. One summer day, the crow felt thirsty and began to look for some water. She flew over the fields but couldn’t find it. She felt exhausted and she was about to give up.
Then she saw a jug near a farm. She quickly landed down there to check whether there was any water. She looked inside the jug. There was some water. She wanted to drink but couldn’t reach the water because of the jug’s narrow neck. She tried to push it down, but it was too heavy. She thought a while. Then she looked around and saw small stones. She picked the stones up one by one and threw them inside the jug. Thus, the water level rose up enough and she quenched her thirst thanks to her clever plan.
Instead of giving up the bird thought about a solution to the problem and worked hard for a positive outcome. A positive mindset can lead us to attain our goals. Life is always giving each and every one of us struggles which cause stress and hurt.
Positive children become positive grownups. Parents and children can easily shape a positive mindset. First is communication between parents and kids. Talk about the day. Open ended communication helps parents to understand and redirect a child’s mindset. Parents and children benefit from reduced stress. Bedtime prayer provides a foundation of peace, security and confidence.
Above all- feel blessed. Be grateful every minute of the day. Start a gratitude journal. When we write down the
blessings of each day we will be amazed! All of us , no matter what we are going through each day we will have many blessings too.


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