By. Reeny Joseph.

When talent and versatility met together ,a real artist was born. Ranjini Sasha Selvarajoo, a popular face in Malayalam film industry along with the super stars is  happy and composed with her present area of activities. When team Friday Mania met her at her cozy apartment she was all bubbly and enthusiastic to talk to us. Ranjini is an actress of substance and apart from her acting career she has lots of interest which she shared with us. Born and brought up in Singapore she never had the faintest idea of coming to movies as she was very serious about her studies .But her father’s friend insisted on her entry into movies and her first Tamil movie  Muthal  Mariyathai  was a box office hit. From then onwards she never had to look  back. Many of the super hit movies in Malayalam came her way and she acted in Swathi Thirunal, Chithram ,Mukundetta Sumitra vilikkunnu to name a few.

Ranjini sasha_02

When asked about her favourite role in Malayalam she was so sure about Sugandhavalli, her role in Swathi Thirunal . But her Kalyani in Chithram  movie has made an everlasting effect on Ranjini ‘s acting career. Ranjini  is always remembered in viewers mind as a sophisticated ,classy actress with lot of potential. She decided to quit when she was in her peak of acting career. Her interests are immense and she has learned classical dance also .After leaving film acting she studied Law from London and continued working there as a corporate lawyer . Even though she is a bit reluctant to practice law in Kochi she likes the profession a lot .Ranjini is now engaged in Education business and enjoys travelling a lot . Her passion for wild photography has taken her recently to Rajasthan . She loves to do research and is  working on the topic- legacy of Indian cinema and is also planning  to write a book about the women in Indian cinema.  Recently she has made a come back to Malayalam movies and her latest one is’ Pa Va ‘ in which she enjoyed her role as an actress. She says she is interested in doing movies with good roles and would stay away from guest roles in future. As a socially committed person Ranjini asks for a total ban on the use of drugs and alerts  this generation about the consequences of drug usage and advises them to stay away from it to have a safe and healthy society. We can wait and expect more in the coming days from Ranjini, the actress and entrepreneur .


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