Ready for the Big Leap – Adars Lal


When you achieve something after a great effort  and when you look back you feel that tingle of excitement about what you did, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. … In his typically candid style, Adars Lal of Paravur Drug Lines reminds us that success is not a one-way street, but a constant saga of ups and downs .Those who withstand the hardships can always win at the end. In an exclusive interview with The Friday Mania Adars Lal a young successful entrepreneur  briefs us about his life and business.

What made you to enter into the pharmaceutical field?

Actually it was not a preplanned entry. In fact I was thinking of doing some professional course after my college days. I finished my graduation in Maths and during those days I decided to go for pharmacy course from College of Pharmacy, Lisie Hospital. This was a real turning point in my life. I could learn a lot about medicines and its importance in a human beings life. I also realized at that point of time that this is my field and I should take it  forward.

Your entry into business?

I started my career with a pharmaceutical company in Gujarat . I got this through campus selection and worked  there almost a year and half and later  wanted to come back to Kerala and do something. Again initially I started with the job of a manager with Neethi stores in Paravur. Later my dream of starting a business was getting strongly into my mind and I really wanted to do something on my own.  This idea was fulfilled when I started a partnership business of wholesale and the retail medical store. Later I dissolved my partnership and started my  own medical shop at Edappally near Amritha Hospital.

Your medical shop attracts customers with your offer of discounted rate for medicines. What was the idea behind this?

Since I m  a professional  I wanted to reach out to more people and do my little to help the patients who really need it. Also to stay in this field I have to be flexible to compete with other medical shops who are also  offering discount for medicines. Through this I feel happy that I am able to fulfill my social commitment towards the society. See, this field is not only about money making it’s also a responsibility  from my side to take care of the needy in every possible way.

Your list of clients?

Currently I have two medical shops with a good list of regular clients. We offer door delivery of medicines and try to provide the exact brand prescribed by the doctor. Also I have a number of international clients mainly from Gulf countries who come to Kochi  as a part of Medical tourism and exhibitions. I send them medicines to their place through courier and I m also happy to say that I keep a long standing relationship with my clients. One of the reasons for my success is this relationship with my clients. I treat my clients with utmost care and also we adhere strictly to our quality –oriented service.

Future plans?

Planning for business oversees also. Already I have a partnership business in Bangkok in the hospitality field and of course I plan for more in the near future.

Family ?

My family consists of my parents, wife and child. I also have two brothers. My wife is working as junior scientist in the Pollution Control Board.

Your Hobbies?

I enjoy travelling to different places. More than domestic trips I prefer to travel  internationally.


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