Reflections of Beauty


By. KR Rejeesh
It’s the meticulous balancing act that makes Mohini Sharma, the Mrs India 2016, a successful woman. She achieved the coveted title by piping around 40 contestants from various parts of the country.

She is also an entrepreneur, running two schools–The Don Bosco High School and Holy Cross High School –all by herself and also assisting her husband in his business. A travel enthusiast, Mohini likes a trip to South Africa. As she girds up for Mrs World 2016, representing India, the Mumbai diva shares her hopes and experience.
1. What is your concept of beauty in a person?
The happiness of a person displays its beauty, and happiness is a product of acceptance and let go nature. The best example of beauty is our Mother nature, which has no limit of acceptance . So she is the best example of beauty on the earth.
download2. How did you become part of Mrs India 2016? What was the feeling when you were adjudged the winner?
From all the women I came across in my life, I have learned something from everyone. I also have realised that every woman is great in her own way. I always dream of having at least one quality of every woman. Hence I developed a notion of representing all these women where people look upon me as a representative of all married women.
It was a mixed feeling when I won it. A little stunned, happy and very emotional. My feelings cannot be described in words but, yes, it was out of the world feeling. I was very humbled to be announced as a winner and there was realization of future responsibilities also.
3. You are an entrepreneur also. So how do you manage your work and efforts to be fit?
It’s the passion that keeps me going. I believe passion and profession should go hand in hand. My priorities help me to do a proper time management, which I agree, is not easy. But still I try my best to manage as much as I can everyday.
To be physically fit, I believe, one needs to be mentally fit and active too.
It’s your mental power that pushes you to be active all day. To be mentally fit, all you need is positive attitude and belief in yourself. My diet mantras are –1. Drink as much water I can. 2. yoga and breathing exercise at least 15 minutes a day.
download (1)4. There have been protests in some countries regarding beauty pageants. What is your take on this?
No comments.
5. If you can change the condition of women in our society, what would you do?
Today the condition of women in our society, I feel is good. Fortunately every woman is strong enough to make the changes herself. I give credit to every women for all the positive changes that has taken place till today. If I get a chance, I would like to motivate them, create a positivity within them and make themselves believe that woman is capable of everything in this world.
6. Tell us about your preparations for Mrs World pageant? When this will be held and where?
Unlike all beauty pageants, the yardstick for Mrs India and Mrs world is not just your beauty. Many other qualities like involvement in society, social work, career and media presence are involved. I will call it an overall package. These are the fields I am working on. It will be held from October 26 to November 4 in Samuel, South Korea.
download (2)7. About your family and their support…
Fortunately, I belong to a very liberal family. My husband supported me whole heartedly. It was our collective dream that I win Mrs India.
8. What is your message for housewives who would like to take part in Mrs India pageant in future?
Being a married woman, balancing personal and public life, being a super wife by taking care of husband and in-laws and being super mother for her kids itself makes her Mrs India. Every wife and mother is a queen and she doesn’t need a crown to be one.
Women, who would like to participate in such pageants, must be focused and have qualities like hard work and consistency.


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