Russian Covid Vaccine Sputnik V likely to Provide up to 2 years of Immunity

Russian Covid Vaccine Sputnik V
Russian Covid Vaccine Sputnik V

Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V is likely to provide up to 2 years of immunity against Covid-19, as compared to 4-5 months of immunity that might be achieved by using Covid vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. The Gamaleya research center, which is developing the Sputnik V vaccine, made this claim

A report in Wion  quoted Alexander Gintsburg, the head of Russia’s Gamaleya research institute, as saying, “Concerning our vaccine and the platform it was created on, the Ebola vaccine, there is experimental evidence that using this platform, using similar preparation methods, provides protection for two years at least, maybe more.”

Further elaborating on the immunity expected to be gained by using Pfizer vaccine, Alexander Gintsburg said, “It is difficult to say how long the Pfizer vaccine will give immunity, but based on the general findings from such vaccines, one must think that the period of protection will be no more than four to five months, although this requires experimental data.

” “The efficacy of the Sputnik V vaccine is 91.4 per cent, based on the final control point analysis of data obtained 21 days after administering the first dose,” the release stated.


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