SBI UK Lawyers Engage in Self Promotion with Indian Taxpayers’ Money: Vijay Mallya


By Sreejith Kamalanayanan

Vijay Mallya, the ‘King of Good Times’, is at it again. Mallya took to Twitter on Friday again to continue his attack against the Indian government.

On Friday, Mallya posted a string of tweets against the State Bank of India. In one of his tweets, Mallya asks why nobody asks the PSU State Bank of India under RTI on how much they are spending on legal fees trying to recover money from him in the UK when he had offered 100 percent payback in India.

He then posted some photos that appears to be some promotional materials. Mallya claims that SBI lawyers are spending huge money for the promotional materials in the UK.

“SBI Lawyers in U.K. making presentations on their accomplishments against me. Indian Tax payers cost. Despite full recovery in India confirmed by the Prime Minister himself,” he wrote in a tweet.

A UK court has recently ordered to freeze £259,000 (Rs 2.34 crore) in Mallya’s UK bank account. He argued that the order was oppressive. Mallya said the order prevents him from meeting his living as well as legal expenses. However, Mallya failed to get the order overturned.

But the 63-year-old liquor baron has succeeded in stopping the 13 Indian banks to whom he now owes nearly Rs 11,000 crore (£1.142 billion) from getting the money until at least 2020.

The other day Mallya had expressed sympathy with Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal and criticised the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government. He said Modi government bailed out Air India but didn’t aid Goyal’s Jet Airways and his Kingfisher Airlines.


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