Shame On You Kerala.


Today Kerala has witnessed a very unusual and rare case of catholic nuns going to street to get justice for them. It’s such a shame for a country where law prevails above all . The sad state is that the nuns who are leading a secluded life were forced to come out and protest publicly. Usually Kerala is a state where protests happen for even minor reason. And political parties support it as per their benefits. Here when a nun complained against a senior bishop no political party or ladies organizations came forward to support her cause. Not only that it’s been sleepless nights for her since she gave complaint some two months back as many came forward to pressurize her to withdraw her case. And that too from people who are supposed to protect her.
In the case of a rape complaint police can go to any extend to get the facts and proof and in this case police feels it’s not required. Is Bishop above the law or is it purposeful negligence from their side? Our constitution protects the rights of females with law but if the concerned authorities do not want to protect this nun’s rights it’s really bad for the society . I m really surprised to see the silence of lady leaders who haven’t come forward to support the nun. When a nun came out in public against the atrocities happened to her and if she could show that much courage then what’s stopping the leaders from taking this issue to public protests . Or are they worried about the vote bank waiting for them in the coming elections? Why should we need a Women’s Rights Commission if the victims rights are not taken care of. The police had given affidavit against the Bishop in the High Court saying that they have enough proof against him. So the attitude of the lawmakers cannot be justified that they need more proof even to question the accused. What an irony! It’s high time the government and police should act on this case or else this is going to be a shame on literate Kerala.


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