Taslima Nasrin launches Hindi edition of ‘Besharam’.

Taslima Nasrin launches Hindi edition of Besharam
Taslima Nasrin launches Hindi edition of Besharam

Bangladeshi author and women rights advocate Taslima Nasrin released her book ‘Besharam’ at World Book Fair in New Delhi .Besharam is her sequel to the controversial book ‘Lajja’, The novel has been translated from Bengali to Hindi by Utpal Banarjee.

‘Lajja’ revolves around the Hindu families who had to leave Bangladesh to seek asylum in India because of the religious violence in the country. ‘Besharam,’ portrays the aftermath life of Suranjan, Maya and her parents after leaving Bangladesh and how it impacted them.

Taslima Nasrin says that the book is not a political story but a social story about people’s lives, families and relationships. She said that she had visualized the book during her stay in Calcutta.
Sharing her personal experience about the exile, Taslima confessed that people who migrated from Bangladesh to India still have the opportunity to go back to their country, but she did not have that opportunity as Bangladesh Government had banned her entry into the country after her book Lajja was published.


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