‘Trash Truck’ CG Animated Preschool Series to be Premiered on Netflix

‘Trash Truck’ CG Animated Preschool Series
‘Trash Truck’ CG Animated Preschool Series

Netflix has revealed that it’ll premiere ‘Trash Truck’ on November 10. It’s a  new CG-animated preschool series from showrunner Max Keane and confirmed to Animag that the 12 x 11′ series will premiere globally on November 10.

Hank is a free-range, dirt-covered six-year-old boy with a big imagination and an even bigger best pal… a giant honking, snorting trash truck. From learning to fly to going to the dentist, there is no adventure too big or too small for these two best friends.

Trash Truck is executive produced by Max Keane alongside Oscar-winning animation duo Glen Keane and Gennie Rim (Dear Basketball, Over the Moon).

The voice cast features Brian Baumgartner (The Office) as Walter, Glen Keane as Grandpa/ Trash Truck, Max Keane as Dad, Henry Keane as Hank, Megan Keane as Mom, Olive Keane as Olive, Lucas Neff as Donny, and Jackie Loeb as Miss Mona.


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