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Father Helping Son With Homework Using Digital Tablet

Priya Sivadas CPriya Sivadas C.K
Organisational Development Consultant &
Founder-‘Training For You’

Leadership Qualities to be triggered in a child

1 Absolute honesty and Integrity: As parents we need to be role models to our children through our actions first. We need to let them understand by our actions that  truth can be positive at times and can have long term success in life and work. How the universal values Love, Trust and Respect to oneself and others helps us to face the challenges of life with courage and calmness.

2 Fairness: To live what we talk and to be fair with people it’s a journey that we can take the children through the relations we maintain at life and work

3 Self- knowledge: The kids need to understand the importance of Learning about their Body, Mind and Spirit to develop the attention to the focus of the moments of life. To manage that we need to train our body mind and Spirit.

4 Spirituality: The true life of all forms, makes a person to develop creativity to manage problems and to with stand pain for a longtime. Make them understand the importance of Karma in life. Doing one’s duty consistently with gratitude makes the person have a positive personality.

5  Live in the Present: It involves tremendous intellectual ability to live in the present moments of life completely. This makes children understand the precious values of the moments of life.  When parents have this culture at home, indirectly the children develops the Interpersonal skills and the Emotional Quotient to manage long term sustainable relationships.

6 Have a mentor. To be a mentor to oneself, the reading and writing habits really help a lot.. Reading good books  help in developing the clarity of thought process. To have an external mentor is also a good option.

7 Develop humour. The ability to be cheerful, lively and energetic persons, one should have a  healthy diet and have positive people around

8  Vision, Mission and Values :The child needs to be trained in Goals and Time management in connection with having one’s  own Vision ,Mission and Value system in life. He should be trained the importance of Logical and creative thinking to achieve this. Commitment is a great way which  changes your being, things happen when you commit to them. It’s not just about your dreams and your feelings, it’s about the plannings and goals .

9 Self-Discipline. –The child needs to understand that only with discipline and sacrifice and  with humility a long term success is possible. He needs to be trained to work in teams and to develop patience and persistence. Let kids do some work at home and let them go through difficult situations. Allow kids to exceed comfort zones in life, the earlier they learn to manage difficulties the stronger they become.

10 Balance of Work –Life:To develop a balance in life it is important to consistently to be in action and to discover our uniqueness. We are all different in three areas of Heredity, Upbringing and the Environment from where we came; hence we should get out of comparing ourselves with others. We should trust our uniqueness and accept our originality.

Family is the basic unit of the society; hence parents play a major role in creating the right setting to  trigger the leadership qualities in the children. Appreciate the creativity in your  children  and enjoy quality time with them.


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