Try This, You Will be the Most Beautiful Person


Practicing every day yoga can do wonders to your body and mind. Just try yoga and you can achieve self confidence, peace and ultimately beauty. Yoga will help you to find out your inner self . A personable outlook makes a significant difference in the quality of life, which in turn, has a positive effect on everyone around them.
These days beauty can be acquired. A beautiful, supple, glowing and flawless skin can be achieved by treating yourself from inside through a selection of yoga poses and exercises rather than relying on expensive cosmetics and time consuming salon treatments, says beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain.
You can enhance your beauty with yoga by incorporating strict guidelines in your daily life. Regular yoga practice pranayama, and meditation aid you in reverse the signs of ageing including wrinkles, saggy skin, crow’s feet, and fine lines among others.
Those who regularly practice yoga have a certain glow about them that comes from within and radiates outward.
The practice of yoga may greatly aid in helping you look more youthful and make you more refreshed says Hussain.
“I have always said that good health and beauty are two sides of the same coin. Unless you are healthy from the inside, you cannot reflect true beauty. For a flawless skin, shiny hair and a slim figure, good health must be on top of the list”, said Hussain.
“In fact, I promoted the Ayurvedic principles of holistic health, with yoga as an integral part of the program. This concept of holistic beauty care was unique and caught on worldwide. I believe that yoga is very relevant to our modern lifestyle, in terms of both health and beauty. Personally, it has been a part of my life and I have experienced its numerous benefits”, she added.
The appeal of yoga lies in the fact that it helps both body and mind. It not only works on all the muscle groups, but also increases vitality, tones the internal organs, stimulates the nerve centers, relieves stress and clears the mind.
Although it is an ancient Indian discipline, it has also gained relevance as a means of attaining a well-balanced personality and delaying the visible signs of ageing. The other important aspect of yoga is that it involves breath control and specifies the inhalation and exhalation of breath during the exercises.
Thus, it helps oxygenation. It imparts a feeling of physical and mental exhilaration. This is so important for beauty, because feeling good is an integral part of looking good.
Yoga improves blood circulation, including the circulation of blood to the skin surface. This is so important for the good health of the skin, as it helps to supply essential nutrients to the skin. It also promotes the removal of toxins through the skin. This is so important, especially in cases of skin congestion.
It tones the skin, improves oxygenation to the skin, imparts a beautiful glow and keeps the skin youthful and free from problems. The same goes for the hair. Yoga helps to promote blood circulation and oxygenation to the scalp and hair follicles. This helps to supply nutrients in the blood stream to the hair follicles. It promotes hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy.
Many beauty problems are triggered off by stress. Since yoga helps to induce relaxation and reduce stress, it certainly helps in dealing with stress-related conditions like acne, hair loss, dandruff, etc.
Studies conducted on those who practice yoga have shown that positive changes also occur in the personality, in attitudes, emotional stability, self-confidence. It has a direct effect on the mind, emotions and mood. It is a regular stress-buster and puts the glow back on the skin. You will feel instantly rejuvenated and good about yourself.


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