Unni Mukundan is ready for roles beyond the stiff action hero type


Unni Mukundan_03Though he had portrayed a variety of roles, people recognised Unni Mukundan for his angry young man character in Mallu Singh. But the young actor was confident that he could pull off characters that are more flexible and down to earth like Ahmed in KL 10.
The success of Kl-10 proves that his efforts have been paid off finally. Now, Unni is ready for roles beyond the stiff action hero type. The actor had shed 20kg for KL 10 and looks way too different from his usual macho avatars.
In an interview with Friday Mania, Unni Mukundan talks about his new movie STYLE and his career plans .

KL10 is all about socio-political setting of North Malabar,basically a Malappuram slang comedy. Even then the movie is high on novelty quotient .What is that quotient of the movie?

KL 10 is about Malappuram and its people. It focuses on the life of Ahmed, the character I play. He is a day dreamer, a very casual carefree guy living with his own insecurities. He is a very good footballer. The problems that his love affair brings in for his closed ones form the crux of this film. It’s a romantic comedy.

I learnt to play proper football that includes juggling and to render dialogues in the Malappuram slang was one of the major reasons for me to take up this role. Just to show the versatile side of my acting career.

Are you a good dancer? Do you think your full potential is not yet utilized?

Yea, I believe I’m quite good at dancing. But I just need to practice a lot more compared to the other stars. However, the final product has been satisfactory so far. You will see me with my dancing shoes on for the movie STYLE. I think I should dance often.

You are known as a fitness freak. How do you manage to take care of your body so well amidst your shootings?

Fitness is a must no matter if I shoot or don’t shoot. I had a very weak body till the age of 13. Too many medicines weakened my immunity and stuff. My mother asked me to do early morning exercises to turn healthy. Since then when my health improved like nothing but magic.

Also the development of muscles somehow changed the introvert shy Unni to a guy I always wanted to be: “Confident”. However, these days with the hectic schedule I do miss out on regular workouts but I manage it during my free hours. I just love to sweat and stay fit.

Upcoming movies?

Latest on the menu is STYLE and a few untitled projects. I play a car stylist in the movie and it’s a mass entertainer: Fun, romance, songs, dance and colour.Unni Mukundan

Your future dreams and aspirations?

I wish to be known as the most versatile actor among the young generation at the same time do movies that tickle the box office. With time both will happen is what I strongly believe.

I played a timid Shajahan in Bombay March 12. A ‘Punjabi Mallu’ in Mallu Singh. A stammering fellow inThalsamayam oru Penkutty. A village bully in Pathiramanal. 65 year old guy in Orissa. A Konkani guy inVikramadityan (‘muscle aliyan’) and a Malabari guy in KL10.

No film is similar and I really believe if people loved Ahmed, which is my latest, that gives me the confidence of going ahead and try out different roles. Change the physique and put in efforts that will enhance the character I’m to portray.
Do you think film acting is a good career option for the new generation?

Acting, on practical grounds, I won’t recommend to those who come from weak financial background. I would advice first to have a strong financial base and then try. That’s the right way.

Or just follow your heart and take a deep breath and face the storm. That’s what I did. I dropped out after 12. I had scored 85%.But I guess somewhere in life one has to decide on his own what he or she is supposed to do and then do it passionately.
Tell us about your marriage plans? Any girl friends?

No girlfriends, no marriage only films.


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