WhatsApp’s New Features for iPhone Users


WhatsApp comes with special features for iPhones users. It has a new splash screen which appears when you open the app. Users will now see the WhatsApp logo whenever they open the app on their iPhones. WhatsApp’s splash screen is also available on the Android beta app.

Muted status is another feature available for iPhone users . As the name suggests, this feature lets users hide muted status updates. Previously, muted status updates would appear at the bottom of the list. But with this update, muted status updates will disappear from the screen altogether. Users can revive them from the muted updates tab.

The latest update called WhatsApp dark mode shows how text bubbles will look in dark mode on WhatsApp. This was first available on WhatsApp beta for Android. WhatsApp is expected to roll out dark mode for all its users very soon.


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