Zoom Comes with New Security Features

Zoom with New Security Features
Zoom with New Security Features

Zoom will now let you temporarily pause meetings so you can kick out “Zoombombers” or disruptive individuals, the company announced in a blog post.

With Zoom’s new security feature, you’ll be able to suspend a meeting to block bad content from being shown and also report the Zoombomber to Zoom.

To suspend a meeting, click the Security icon while on a call and then click “Suspend Participant Activities.” When you do, all video, audio, in-meeting chat, annotations, screen sharing, and recording will be suspended and all breakout rooms will end, which should shut down the Zoombomber’s activity.

From there, Zoom will ask the host if they want to report a user, and if they do, that user will be ejected from the meeting, and Zoom’s security team will be notified.

Zoom says the new feature is being enabled by default for all free and paid users and is available on the Zoom clients for Mac, PC, and Linux, as well as Zoom’s mobile apps. I should note that I wasn’t able to see the feature on Zoom on my work MacBook Pro, but I suspect that’s due to my IT settings.


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