Artist of the Week The beauty Of Terracotta


4The artistic vision of V.K.Jayan is carved in every spell of his works. Along with his skills he has set a vision of taking the potter community into a higher level of unity. His initiative Terra Crafts is situated  at North Eroor , Ernakulam .Terra Crafts  constant quest for consistency, novelty and technical perfection has resulted in an impressive range of unique utility and decorative terracotta ‘Terracrafts’ products.

Terracrafts produces high quality hand crafted and molded utility items like garden sculpture & jewellery, vases, ashtrays, cutlery, name-boards etc and decorative products as well like murals, wind-chimes and furniture. Terracrafts , today a well known terracotta production unit, is a trendsetting Initiative of Shri V.K Jayan, himself a member of the traditional Potters community of Kerala.8

Witness to the breakdown of the pottery tradition with his own father closing down the family’s ailing pottery unit, at a very young age Shri V.K Jayan resolved to reopen it.Armed with a diploma in ceramics from central village pottery Institute Belgaum, Karnataka after higher secondary education , he also got trained from PET Center TrivandrumToday ‘Terra Crafts’ has secured a unique place for itself in Kerala’s aesthetic sensibility while breathing life into a dying tradition and revitalizing a corroding community.Terracrafts is also a friend of Kerala’s contemporary artists providing infrastructural support like material, kiln, technical expertise etc for their creative ventures.Shri V.K Jayan himself is a recipient of the Kerala Lalitha Academy’s State Award for Sculpture, 2007-’08.


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