Ln. M.D. Ignatious: Empowering Mankind to Serve

Ln. M.D. Ignatious
Ln. M.D. Ignatious

An Interaction with Ln. M.D.Ignatious District Governor of 318D

Relentless service and empowering it to others is the motto of Ln M.D. Ignatious who is elected as the new District Governor of 318D of Lions Club International. Speaking to The Friday Mania he opens up his vision of service and different ways to implement it.  For him, service is his passion in life. Here is the excerpt of the interview:

‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’. Ln M.D Ignatious PMJF had these words of Gandhiji in his mind when he decided to serve the deserving in all possible ways. He believes that the purpose of life is not only to be happy but also to be useful, honorable and compassionate in every aspect. He accepts the fact that service to the poor – the helpless – is the real service to God the Almighty.

Ln. Ignatious started his journey through business and has done dedicated business for over 40 years in the field of paper recycling. Later he decided to do something good for society and mankind and felt that serving others is the ultimate aim in his life.  Joining Lions Club was one of the crucial decisions he took in his life.  He started with the Lions club of Mannuthy and has served in the Director board, and later as Zone Chairman and Regional Chairman.

Ln.M.D. Ignatious stands aloof as the District Governor of 318 D. He has a unique mission and vision about the activities he wants to complete during his tenure. Already last year he has completed 208 eye camps where a record 6000 patients were operated. He came to the District Governor’s post through his dedicated activities he did during his past tenures. Another major activity he ventures into is to relieve hunger and waste management. The Club plans to distribute 5000 waste bins.

As a District Governor 160 clubs come under his leadership which includes 6000 members. Ln Ignatius’ vision for his 1-year tenure is to provide a home for homeless, legacy projects and steps to be taken to prevent the kidnapping of children. He feels Child abduction is a major problem to be checked with immediate effect and plans for steps to prevent this.  He also plans to give more emphasis to Palakkad and Malappuram where activities were less in the previous years.

He enjoys the support of his family for all his activities. Behind his service story, he takes pride in having a lovely family which includes his wife and a son and a daughter.  He believes that charity begins at home and finds a special time to spend quality time with them.


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