Farmers Continue with their Protest

Farmers Protest
Farmers Protest

The farmers decided to continue with their protest and refused to accept the Central Government’s suggestion of forming a committee to sort out the issues. 

The farmers’ representatives have turned down the centre’s second pitch for a committee to discuss the contentious farm laws, protests against which are intensifying by the day. “Now is not the time for a committee,” sources quoted farmers’ representatives as saying at the meeting with three central ministers.

A second meeting will be held on December 3. More farmers from Punjab and Haryana are making their way to the national capital, demanding that the laws be repealed. The farmers have said they will continue the protest if their demands are not accepted.

“We wanted a small group, but they (the farmers) said they will talk together. We don’t mind that. We would like them to end the protest and come for talks. But this depends on the farmers,” Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said after the meeting.

Mr. Tomar, his cabinet colleague Piyush Goyal and junior industry minister Som Parkash had met the 35-member farmers’ team to discuss the committee meeting formation.


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