Who is the worst US President? It’s Trump, says Biden at Prez Debate


By Sreejith Kamalanayanan

Donald Trump is the worst US President, argued the current President Joe Biden at CNN’s 2024 Presidential debate. The debate saw Trump and the incumbent Biden sparring over many political issues without any clear focus. The debate was weak and less fiery owing to the age of the presidential candidates. Biden is now 81 and his rival Trump is 78 years old as of 28 June 2024. Their ages reflected the quality of the debate.The world is anxiously waiting for the answer to the question: “Who will win the 2024 US Presidential Election”. However, that question can wait. Right now, I will take you to some key moments from the debate:

Biden’s age failed him at the debate Biden’s biggest drawback is his age.

Americans do not want an 81-year-old to lead the country. However, the Democrats failed to prove that ‘age is just a number’.Biden’s voice was weak and his words were intelligible. He often failed to convey his disagreements with Trump clearly. His performance is likely to cement the Americans’ worry that “Biden is too old to be the President”.

Biden attacks Trump personally.

Biden brought up Trump’s infamous scandal where he was accused of being involved with an adult movie actor. Trump denied his affair with a porn actress.

Two oldies fight over physical strength.

It was ironic to see two oldies sparring over each other’s physical strengths.Trump claimed (as per an article from Al Jazeera) “I’m in as good shape as I was 25, 30 years ago” To this, Biden replied that the Republican lied about his height and weight.

“Biden is a bad Palestinian”

The US is the biggest supporter of Israel in its war against Palestine, Biden said at the debate.Trump fought back by saying Biden has become like a Palestinian, but “he’s a very bad Palestinian”.

Biden remarks about Capitol Hill Riot.

The Capitol Hill riot remains one of the worst incidents that happened in the history of America. The riot happened on January 6, 2021, when the Capitol Hill building came under attack from a mob who supported then-President Donald Trump.Biden attacked Trump on the Capitol Hill riot. He said the Republican encouraged the mob to attack the building while he sat there doing nothing.

Who won the 2024 US Presidential Debate?

Here is my take: the debate was insipid thanks to two candidates who passed their prime. Biden was struggling with his words while Trump chose to dodge his accusations using the strategy of denial. No matter ‘who will win the American Presidential Elections’, the debate ended up with no clear winner.


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