Terminator: Is the new Karikku comedy short worth a watch?


By Sreejith Kamalanayanan

A controversial beverage outlet, located in a village, is the center of Karikku’s latest comedy video titled Terminator (2024). The natives of this almost deserted village are at loggerheads regarding this outlet.The beverage outlet is causing an uproar among the villagers as some of them want it removed from there.Librarian Prahladan and the local bar owner Shanmughan are among the notable people who oppose the functioning of the beverage outlet in the area.However, the majority of the residents, including the students of the nearby college, take full advantage of the outlet. A young social media influencer and his younger cousin get caught up in the furore over the beverages outlet that creates the humour.

What does the title signify in Karikku’s Terminator short?

The short movie is about a beverage outlet from which the students of the local college buy alcohol.Since it is illegal for underage persons to buy liquor in Kerala, the students seek help from adults to buy alcoholic beverages.At the beginning of the movie, we can see our central character (an influencer) buying alcohol for his underage cousin. Terminator is the name of the alcoholic drink he buys for his cousin. The influencer is scared of being recognized by his followers as he is helping his cousin to buy alcohol. He fears it will affect his social media reputation. The cousin, on the other hand, is desperate to buy ‘Terminator’ as his seniors asked him to do so. His seniors will beat the pulp out of him if he fails to buy the alcohol on the same day.

How are the performances in Karikku’s Terminator?

The latest lineup misses some important names such as Anu K Aniyan, Arjun Ratan, and Jeven Stephen.However, Sabareesh Sajjin as the influencer and Krishna Chandran as his timid cousin are good.Unni Mathews and his brother Anand Mathews are equally good in supporting roles.There are no female leads in the latest Karikku flick.

Is ‘Karikku Terminator’ any good?

‘Karikku Terminator’ is a shallow attempt at creating humour.Karikku is known for their laugh riots like ‘Arrangement Wedding’, ‘Kalakkachi’, ‘Thiruvonam’ etc.The catchphrase ‘Mamanodonnum Thonnalle’ from ‘Smile Please’ has quickly entered our daily conversations.However, the latest video from the Karikku team is not up to the mark.It gives us some moments to laugh but we may easily forget as soon as the video ends.There is nothing to take home from the latest Karikku video titled Terminator. Let’s hope they will bring back the Karikku magic in their upcoming series. You can watch the latest Karikku video here:


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