Google Scraps its Social Media Platform Google Plus from Today


Google has announced that Google Plus, one of the biggest projects for the tech giant will be no more from today. This was speculated in the media for quiet some time since the search giant said last year that Google Plus or Google+ would be shut down after the company found and fixed a security flaw which might have exposed personal data of around 500,000 users.

If you are Google Plus user and if you try to log in at right now, you will be greeted with an explanation about what happened to the platform and its content. The message makes it clear that the shutdown of Google Plus doesn’t affect other services such as Google Photos, Drive, Gmail, and YouTube.

Google has also explained that users will still be able to download their content while the process of deleting accounts and data is going to take some time. This also means that if you haven’t downloaded your data from Google Plus, you should do it as soon as possible.

Google Plus was termed by social media users as one of the biggest failures of Google.


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