World’s Expensive Burger Costs Rs 63,000


We have tried and spend for burgers quiet some good amount but when you hear about the most expensive burger you will be really wonder struck. A lump sum amount of Rs.63,000 to be spent for a single burger. Funny and interesting .Right? But as a matter of fact that’s the price of the world’s most expensive burger that comes with gold-dusted buns.

The man behind the creation of the world’s most expensive burger is Patrick Shimada, a chef who works at the Oak Door steakhouse in Tokyo’s Roppongi district. According to reports, the Golden Giant Burger has gone on sale in Tokyo and it will be on the steakhouse’s menu until the end of June.

The burger is made up of a 1 kg wagyu beef patty, foie gras (a sauce made from duck or goose liver), lettuce, cheddar cheese, shaved truffle, tomatoes, and onions. However, the costliest part of the burger is the 6 inch wide gold-dusted buns.
It was reportedly created to celebrate the crowning of Prince Naruhito, the new Japanese emperor.

Chef Patrick said he was honoured to witness the change in the imperial era while working in Japan and the Golden Giant Burger was his contribution to the big change in his country.


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