Is Yoga Enough to Keep You Fit?


Sudakshna Thampi<p>Sudakshna Thampi Co founder – Y2S YogaI see many people running around in a frenzy doing many activities with the sole aim of losing weight. And yet , nothing seems to be really working out. If you are one of them,  you need to read this article and feel the amazing benefits of Yoga. It will change your life in many many many  positive ways! J</p>

<p>“When I came to yoga, I was 25 pounds overweight and suffering from a compulsive eating disorder. Yoga completely brought me back to physical and emotional health.” –  Meera *

Hema *, a 33-year-old director of business development for a pharmaceutical research company, discovered yoga after years of running marathons, spinning, and weight lifting. Before discovering yoga, she thought her intense exercise habits had turned her into a poster child for health and fitness. During the last four years, however, Hema  began doing more and more yoga and less and less running, weight lifting, and aerobicizing. As she dropped back on her hardcore fitness pursuits, she worried she might gain weight or lose her muscle tone or exercise capacity.</p>

<p>She didn’t. “I have maintained my fitness and even enhanced it through yoga,” says hema, who no longer has a gym membership. “And I like the way my body looks and feels now better than the way it did before.”</p>

What Is Fitness?

We must first define what “fitness” actually means. There are four types of fitness help to bolster health: Body composition, Cardio respiratory fitness, Muscular fitness, Flexibility.

Extensive research and personal testimonials have shown that yoga scores higher on all parameters when it comes to fitness .

Structure of your Yoga Class Matters

Choose a yoga practice that has a holistic structure . The structure of your yoga practice matters .Make sure that your yoga practice includes a balance of poses that build strength, stamina, and flexibility, along with breath work and meditation to help develop body awareness. And as your practice expands, your yoga guide should keep adding more challenging asanas such as balancing poses and inversions.

A minimum of 3 hours of Yoga a week will do the trick to keep you fit . If you practice yoga an hour twice a week, you should either pair your practice with moderate intensity exercise like walking, or increase your yoga time or frequency. I would recommend 5 hours a week for those like me .

But the best form of exercise is whatever you enjoy most and that you will continue to do on a regular, daily basis. But Yoga has a lot of benefits, so do yoga regularly and enjoy it.

Beyond fitness, yoga also Yoga photooffers many other gifts. It improves your health, reduces stress, improves sleep, and often acts like a powerful therapy to help heal relationships, improve your career, and boost your overall outlook on life.

Finally, yoga tunes you into your body and helps you to better coordinate your actions. “When you bring your breath, your awareness, and your physical body into harmony, you allow your body to work at its maximum fitness capacity”

I myself usually practice about 5 hours of Yoga a week and you are most welcome to join me at Y2S Yoga Center , Girinagar .


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