Late Bollywood Actor Amrish Puri is the Face of Beardo Perfume’s Campaign


They say about men’s perfumes that they shouldn’t announce one’s arrival but rather be discovered. With Beardo Origin Eau De Parfum’s impeccable appeal you’ll be able to do just that. Its distinct charm boasts of irresistible masculinity which will get you noticed and establish your uniqueness among the crowd of testosterone clichés. So cast your spell with your undiluted charm with Beardo’s Origin, Eau de Parfum.

Beardo, the luxury grooming product brand for men has struck the market with a unique campaign and recently launched its first parfum ‘Origin’. Co-founder of Beardo, Ashutosh Valani, said, “Origin is our first perfume and we’re excited to have the late Amrish Puri as the face of our campaign.” He further said, “His persona states mysticism, fierceness, and class, which captures the essence of Origin.”
With Beardo Origin, you can keep it classy and be irresistible at the same time. Its refreshing notes lift up the spirits instantly and leave you fresh and confident throughout the day. This unique men’s perfume is not only manly but also fit for all types of seasons. Be it an important meeting or a special encounter, this perfume will give you extra edge of confidence.


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