Man Versus Animal

Tigress Killed

Man sometimes become more cruel than animals and the level of cruelty can go beyond the limits. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh state in India witnessed a very inhuman act from the villagers. They crushed a tigress to death using a tractor after the big cat mauled a 50 year old man there. Why do incidents happen frequently like this?

It’s mainly because humans are trespassing into the habitat of animals and provoking them to attack humans resulting in these types of inhuman acts. Retaliating to animals is not a solution for the animal attacks. Instead we should understand their privacy and right to live before encroaching into their space.

Animal rights activists are protesting over the recent killings of tigers, saying humans are trespassing into the habitat of the big cats, leading to increasing cases of man-animal conflict. Mahavir Kaujlagi, deputy director of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, told that the incident took place when they were busy taking the injured man to the hospital.

Appropriate action should be taken against these people under the Wildlife Protection Act. The tiger is categorized as an endangered species and we need to take necessary steps to protect them. Experts say there is a need to respect the habitat of tigers, with only about 3,900 of them remaining across the world. Give what deserves to the animals and do not interfere in their space. Animals can be man’s best friend if taken care of properly. But more and more human – animal conflicts are reported from across the world. Treat them with maximum care and protect them with necessary wild life laws.



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